Thursday, October 24
Richard Lloyd Group
The Same Thing
Eric & The Nothing
Doors 7:30 pm
Show 8:30 pm
Tickets: $12

Iconic . . . legendary . . . unique . . . all can be used to describe
Richard Lloyd, but the most accurate word might be “relevant.” After a
career spanning more than forty years, Richard Lloyd continues to make
great records and deliver exciting live performances.

Learning from the master, Jimi Hendrix, Richard was among the very few
pioneers of the New York underground scene, headquartered at CBGB. With
Tom Verlaine, a founding member of the seminal band, Television, Richard
made some of the best rock and roll records of all time–Marquee Moon and
Adventure. Striking out on his own, Richard gave us Alchemy, Field of
Fire, Real Time, Radiant Monkey, The Jamie Neverts Story, The Cover
Doesn’t Matter, Lodestones, Rosedale! Richard Lloyd was also the guitar
master behind Matthew Sweet, John Doe, and Rocket From the Tombs.