Blac Rabbit
Friday, June 15
Blac Rabbit
Eric and the Nothing
Seatbelt Sounds
Doors 8 pm | Show 9 pm $10 Advance | $12 Day Of

The subway is an interesting place; you never really know what kind of plot will unfold after you walk down those steps. People are usually hustling past you with arms flailing, acting chaotic, and testing your every nerve while you’re just trying to get the hell out of there. Thankfully, we have subway performers (also known as “buskers”) to sage our souls and mask the anarchy that goes on in those underground mad houses.

If you’ve been online at any point during the past week, there’s a good chance you’ve seen the video of two guys covering The Beatles so masterfully, you could close your eyes and mistake them for Lennon and McCartney. It was originally filmed by New York Nico, but it was obvious that the video had to be seen by everyone—so I posted it to my Twitter and it instantly took off.

These two are identical twin brothers, and half of an NYC-based psych-rock band called Blac Rabbit. Alongside Josh Lugo (bass) and Patrick “Sticks” Jones (drums), Amiri and Rahiem Taylor can often be found winning over the hearts of commuters throughout the NYC subways by playing Beatles hits and selections from their own catalog. Blac Rabbit has been gaining serious traction for a few years now, and this might be the nudge that pushes them into the limelight.

When I posted the video on Sunday morning, the band had roughly 500 Twitter followers. As of this posting, the video has been retweeted 50,000 times and Blac Rabbit’s Twitter following has skyrocketed to 16,700. Moral of the story: If you see something you like, share it. You never know what the domino effect might be. Matt Whitlock Mar 2, 2018